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Little Monk With Tea Strainer Hat


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Tea has long been valued by monks to keep them awake during meditation. Mindfulness is essential to Buddhist practice. A wandering mind leads to mistakes in form. So it is with brewing and drinking tea. The little monks are incorporating tea into Buddhist practice, paying attention to every detail of its creation and consumption.

The hat can also be used as tea strainer to catch loose tea leaves. It is made of black ceramic, which is easy to clean and more durable. There are nearly 400 filter holes on it, each of which is less than 0.02 mm in diameter for better filration.

The little monks are designed in the concept of tea ceremony and Zen Buddhism. 

The old sage has gathered a lot of wisdom throughout his lifetime practice. He is willing to share his experience with all seekers of divine wisdom.

Dress up your house with our lovely little monks and feel the peace and energy brought by them!

Product Details

– Product Type: Handcrafted Tea Pet
– Material: Ceramic
– Variants: Available in 6 styles

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United States: 10-15 business days
CA, UK, AU, NZ: 10-15  business days
Asia: 10-15 business days
Europe: 10-20 business days
Rest of World: 15-30 business days

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