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Tibetan Camel Bone 108 Mala Beads Bracelet / Necklace


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This beautiful 108 mala bracelet is handcrafted with genuine camel bones which are believed in the tibetan tradition to protect us from evil thoughts and negative accidents.

This powerful piece is made only from naturally passed away camels instead of killing one so that there are no negative vibrations surrounding the healing elements.

We do not use any chemical dyes. The blood from bone marrow would seep into camel bones along with evaporation of water, thus forming the red color as seen on the beads.

Our Tibetan jewelry is blessed and consecrated by Tibetan monks for positive energies before its roll-out.

We use Thokcha as the guru bead which is worn as an amulet by Tibetans and people of the Himalayan regions for spiritual protection and healing energies. Our Thokcha depicts tantric deities, sacred animals, mantras and auspicious symbols in the Tibetan tradition.

Another alternative for the guru bead is Disciple Beads, which are said to be worn by disciples of Gautama Buddha. They are a combination of yak horn, Tibetan silver, rosewood, sandalwood and Pagodite stones.

You may also add a Buddha bead counter on to the mala.

Product Details

– Product Type: Handmade 108 Mala Bracelet / Necklace
– Material: Camel bones, Metals, Wood, Stones, Silver
– Variant: Available in 2 Styles
– Length: About 78 cm
* Product color may slightly vary due to natural materials’ properties.

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Asia: 10-15 business days
Europe: 10-20 business days
Rest of World: 15-30 business days

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